Monday, June 30, 2008

Democrats cannot handle what they have...

...and they think they are qualified to take over my health care needs?

Medicare is scheduled to cut payments to doctors. Something that has been known for years and yet, the Democrats in control of Congress could not be bothered to get their business handled before skipping town. After all, this was cutting into Nancy Pelosi's and Harry Reid's vacation time.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush administration said Monday it is freezing a scheduled 10 percent fee cut for doctors who treat Medicare patients, giving Congress time to act to prevent the cuts when lawmakers return from a July 4 recess.

Physicians have been running ads hinting that as a result of the cuts, patients may find doctors less willing to treat them. The administration's delay in implementing the cuts spares lawmakers from having to use the recess to explain to seniors why they didn't do the job before leaving town.

Kevin Schweers, a spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, said Monday the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will hold doctors' Medicare claims for services delivered on or after July 1. Claims for services received on before June 30 will be processed as usual, he said.

Congress, not willing to face millions of angry seniors at the polls in November, will almost certainly act quickly when it returns to Washington the week of July 7 to prevent the cuts in payments for some 600,000 doctors who treat Medicare patients. The cuts were scheduled because of a formula that requires fee cuts when spending exceeds established goals.

Of course, President Bush bailed them out.

Notice that last line in the above quote?

These same Democrats that cannot control excessive spending in Medicare actually believe they should have control of everyone's health care.

Can you believe that?

Imagine letting the incompetent Democrats that currently control our governor's office, our state senate, our US House of Representatives, and our US Senate, actually control your lives.

They cannot even handle a small portion of the US medical requirements and we are supposed to place our lives into their hands.

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