Friday, June 27, 2008

More on the Felner mess...

With each passing day, a new revelation on the Felner mess.

As we were made aware yesterday, UW Parkside search committee were well aware of the no-confidence vote against Felner long before they made a decision on whom to appoint as chancellor. They decided that the no-confidence vote was no big deal and did not vigorously pursue the investigation of the no-confidence vote.

As it turns out, UW Parkside officials were well aware of the problems surrounding Felner before last Sunday when he called them and told them.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside officials knew as early as last Friday that there was a federal investigation into Robert Felner when agents showed up at the chancellor's office to take away boxes of paperwork he already sent here.

The question I have is why in the world did the school not bother to contact Felner and immediately demand to know what was going on.

According to Giroux, federal agents showed up at Parkside at 3 p.m. Friday with a search warrant.

The moment the FBI walked into the offices at UW Parkside with a search warrant, they should have been on the phone with Felner and UW officials.

This process could not have been handled much worse.

I agree with one of the comments in this post(link)(Citizen79) . It appears that the UW Parkside search committee fell in love with Felner and his hard luck story and refused to see anything else. I know that Felner worked hard to get where he was. But that does not mean that he should have just blindly been handed the job at UW Parkside. I feel that the search committee got stuck on their favorite and chose to look no further.

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