Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can I get an "Amen"?



or Yahoooooo!

The City of Kenosha is our repairing the numerous potholes that I continuously get calls on. So far only temporary work has been done to patch a hole here and there. Now a more permanent fix is going in. Hopefully they get it done before winter starts again.

Kenosha News

Money is not specifically set aside for pothole repair in the city's budget, but these funds come from street maintenance funds. The street division budget for this year included $200,000 for paving, $125,000 for crack-filling and $2 million for various resurfacing projects.

Bursek said the city is putting a greater emphasis on potholes rather than localized street repaving this year.

I cannot tell you how many complaints I have received and all I can really tell people is that the city is working on it.

Of course, I still have streets that need to be resurfaced( like 28th St- between 30th and 39th Ave).

I was super excited a couple of weeks ago when I drove past some workers on 52nd Street filling some holes. I almost stopped my car to get out and give these fellows a hug- I was so excited to see them.

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