Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Commentary Concerning the Kenosha News

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have some opinion on something printed in the Kenosha News. Instead of telling my husband of the idiots/crazies that live in this county, I'm going to post them here. Think of it as therapy for me and a laugh for you. Here's the first from the Kenosha News Voice of the People 6/9/08:

I especially like this letter, because it is numbered, making it even easier for me to comment. (Note to self - when I write Letters to the Editor, don't number my points, use bullets instead.)

1. That's right because every other industry, like the automotive service industry, allows outside people set their prices. Because these outside people know what a brake pad or rotor costs. I'm sure they also know what the cost of goods, payroll and rent for the business costs. Then, of course, that would raise the cost of a brake job because the automotive repair shop would have to pay said company to set their prices. Doesn't everyone like to pay more to get their car fixed?

2. Wisconsin does have the Health Insurance Risk Sharing Program (HIRSP). And it works, just ask my mother-in-law and brother who both used the program when they couldn't get individual insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Guess what? Every state doesn't have HIRSP.

3. Tax credit options give tax credits to the citizens of the country, offsetting the cost of insurance. This author, Name Withheld) shows he doesn't know how tax credits work, or he didn't listen to Rep. Ryan's plan. You choose.

4. That's right, Social Security WORKED. I use the past tense. Is it working now? NO. If it was working now, it wouldn't be going broke. I love the idea of having to wait until I'm 78 1/2 to get Social Security, well, that's if it is still around then. Good thing I've put so much money into it, to get nothing back.

5. A complete overhaul of our tax system is realistic. Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it can't be done. Rep. Ryan's plan offers two choices, not several. Take the new one, which the directions and form are less than a piece of paper, or take the one we have now. I personally LOVE spending $500 a year getting my taxes done, doesn't everyone?

6. Hello, Rep. Ryan is trying to get the U.S. to compete globally, and help the economy. Is it fair that we tax exports, thus raising the price of our goods and making an unfair market, to the businesses that are in this country? This plan will help keep jobs in the U.S. Why wouldn't a company move to a country that doesn't tax exports?

7. The "tax holiday" would not be at the expense of our roads. The tax money not coming in by the "holiday" would be offset by Congress not adding spending "pork" to bills. That's how the plan would work. An oil company "profits holiday" would benefit anyone with a 401K, IRA or mutual fund that is invested in oil companies. (See number 4 why so many of us have these plans.) Taxing an oil company would raise the price of oil. So this is a win-win for the American Consumer.

This is where the letter starts to get a little "weird."

8. What does this have to do with Rep. Ryan's plan? If anything he should be blaming Gov. Doyle and Democrat state senators, including Sen. Wirch, for allowing over a billion dollars to be raided from the Transportation Fund.

9. Bush's rebate was to spur the economy, not described to solve high gas prices. This author is starting to show his true "wackiness."

10. What? It's a good thing his name was withheld, otherwise some might recommend he be put in a room with padded walls.

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