Friday, June 20, 2008

Where are the McGee defenders now?

For years, we have been treated to insults and degradation as a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist continued to defend Michael McGee Jr.

We were subjected to insults and calls of racism by Columnist Eugene Kane if you believed McGee was a criminal.

We listened as Kane railed against the government for holding McGee in jail for over a year. Kane demanded to see the government's evidence against McGee- well before the trial even started.

Now the evidence is pouring out- Eugene Kane- What do you have to say for yourself?

Eugene Kane- are you sitting in the courtroom listening to this stuff? (MJS link)

Eugene Kane- did you see the video of the demand for $20,000 in order to build a gas station in McGee's district?

Eugene Kane- did you see the video of McGee taking $900 cash from a undercover informant?

Eugene Kane- have you been listening to the videos and wire taps of McGee and his this thugs shaking down the poor 6th district community for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

I sure hope all of the McGee defenders are watching and reading this stuff.

After reading and hearing about this testimony, it has probably been a great thing that McGee has been sitting in jail for the last year. At least he had fewer opportunities to victimize the people in his district.

Perhaps the McGee apologist will realize that this prosecution has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with putting a criminal behind bars for a long time.

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