Monday, June 16, 2008

Normally a snoozefest

Normally the city council meetings are not in the least bit exciting to watch. Tonight could be a different story.

Here is the precursor-

After being an aldermen for 18 years, Frank Pacetti's next career is now in the hands of his former colleagues.

The City Council will vote Monday on whether or not Pacetti will become Kenosha's next city administrator.

While some alderman support the move, recommended by Mayor Keith Bosman, others have questions.

Bosman, who said a "large majority" of the council supports the appointment, said this vote is also, in part, a reflection on himself.

"This is the mayor's appointment," Bosman said. " To me the vote is, 'Do you support the mayor or don't you?"'

Herein lies the problem-

Other aldermen have raised a few concerns about this appointment.

Pacetti has held managerial positions with JHT Holdings/ATC Leasing since 1989. The company was formerly owned by Dennis Troha, who pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate political campaign contribution limits last year. John Erickson and Achille "Kelly" Infusino, both business associates of Troha who worked with JHT Holdings, have agreed to plead guilty to similar charges.

While Bosman said he was confident Pacetti was not involved in these incidents, some alderman feel differently.

"I have nothing against Frank, but I don't think he was the right choice," Alderman Ray Misner said. "It's quite possible Frank had nothing to do with that, but I don't think we should get the city caught up in the slightly questionable position that it puts us in."

Alderman Daniel Prozanski said he was concerned about the involvement of previous city administrator Nick Arnold in this process. Arnold, a friend of Pacetti, was part of the panel that determined the five finalists for this position.


Read the comments in the link, they are interesting.

Tune to Kenosha cable channel 25 starting at 7pm to see the actions live or you can even join us at room 202 at City Hall/Municipal building.

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