Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let them eat cake

Let's be honest, the reaction from some folks about the closing of the plant in Janesville has been cruel and heartless.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gives us a ho-hum, Wisconsin will survive speech-

Communities recover from such body blows. Kenosha did after Chrysler closed a plant. West Allis did after industrial giant Allis-Chalmers withered and died in the 1980s. In the meantime, the state government can help displaced workers get new training if they need it and offer other assistance.

Manufacturing still has a future in Wisconsin, but manufacturing industries must look different than they have in the past to succeed.

Barack Obama is just clueless and heartless. He does nothing and says nothing to address the families who have had their livelihoods destroyed.

"Today's news is a painful reminder not only of the challenges America faces in our global economy, but of George Bush's failed economic policies," Obama said. "For eight long years, we've had an energy policy that funds both sides in the war on terror without promoting fuel efficiency or helping make our auto companies more competitive. That's part of the reason thousands of more Americans in Wisconsin and Ohio will no longer be able to count on a paycheck at a time when they're already being pinched by rising costs."

Perhaps Obama is not aware of the type of gas guzzling vehicles that has been Janesville's livelihood for many years.

In fact, it is Barack Obama and his party's refusal to let Americans drill for oil on our own land that has put all of those workers in Janesville out of work.

Obama and the Democrats have made us more dependent on foreign oil, not less.

Patrick McIlheran is correct when he states:

Obama is saying that the Americans who have been giving Janesville a great run for the past decade or so should have been stopped from doing that, should have been made to embrace high mileage and eschew big trucks earlier.

To Barack Obama, you just won your party's nomination on the same day that tens of thousands of Americans lose their livelihood and your response is....

Let them eat cake????

or better yet- blame Dubya.

When faced with very difficult questions on America's future, Barack Obama's answer is always the same- blame Dubya.

Just like his predecessor for the Democratic nomination, John Kerry, since Obama has no answers or any clue how to lead America forward, he just blames Dubya.

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