Friday, June 06, 2008

Alex Tianybok for State Assembly

To be announced this Saturday: Alex Tianybok will be throwing his hat into the ring to make a run against John Steinbrink for AD65

Please join Alex this Saturday:


EVENT : Campaign Announcement

DATE : Saturday, June 7, 2008

TIME : 10am

WHERE : Newman Park, Kenosha (76th Street and 35th Ave)

(bring your children)

Former Pleasant Prairie Village Trustee Alex Tiahnybok kicks off his campaign for CHANGE for the Kenosha/Pleasant Prairie/Bristol area (State Assembly District 65).

Tiahnybok will offer his pledge for work towards a better local and state economy -- bringing new and better jobs. In addition, he will pledge to keep tax dollars in the pockets of those who earn them; to preserve the integrity of the voting process; to improve education and to keep higher education affordable; to make English our official language, and to be available to interact and properly represent all citizens of District 65.

Son of Ukrainian immigrants, Alex and his wife, Gina, and their 2 children have lived in Pleasant Prairie since 2001. They have owned property here since 1993, and built a new home in 2001.

Alex has had a successful career in the chemical industry after earning a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University and later a Master's Degree in Business Administration from DePaul University. Growing up in Dixon, IL, hometown of President Ronald Reagan, Alex learned about conservatism couple with optimism, and has lived by those principles all his life.

He is now ready to share the experiences of his education and professional life in making Wisconsin a better place to live and for businesses to thrive.

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