Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gas Prices Too High?

Do you feel like this when you go to fill up at the pump?

Thankfully the Republican controlled Senate and Assembly were able to pass the repeal of the automatic gas tax increase before the Senate fell to the Democrats. (It does make me wonder how the bill passed without being vetoed by Governor Jim "watch your wallet" Doyle. Oh, that's right it was an election year for him ...)

As a fiscal conservative, I don't believe in taxation without representation. Isn't that one of the reasons we fought for our independence from England? Remember the Boston Tea Party? Bob "I'm a fiscal conservative" Wirch should remember, he does have a degree in history. Guess he missed class that day because Bob "I'm a fiscal conservative" Wirch voted against the repeal.

What is Wirch's excuse for not supporting the repeal of the automatic gas tax increase?

Because the state can't afford it?

Why can't the state afford it?

Could it be b
ecause Democrat politicians like Sen. Wirch are too interested in spending our money rather than cutting spending?

Senate Democrats, including Sen. Wirch PASSED a $15.2 BILLION increase in our payroll tax. (Thankfully the Republican controlled Assembly saved us from the largest tax increase in Wisconsin history.)

Wirch asked for -- and received -- a $500,000 earmark for the choo-choo train in downtown Kenosha.

Wirch just wants more, more, more so he can spend, spend, spend.

We need to elect the Republican candidate, Ben Bakke, to replace Bob Wirch. We also need a few more Senate Districts to elect and re-elect Republicans so we can restore sanity when it comes to spending our tax money.

It's time we vote Wirch out of office and elect someone who cares about the wallets of constituents rather than those of special interests, lobbyists, and campaign contributors.

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