Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Careful media- your bias is showing

I guess the only way to finally rid ourselves of the horrible media bias is to turn off our TV's, cancel our newspaper and magazine subscriptions. That is the only way these goofs in the media will finally get it. If they do not stop, America should cancel them out and just get their information from

I did not think the media could get worse than it did in 2004 with their backing of John Kerry.

However, this year, the media bias in favor of Barack Obama, even if it meant destroying a fellow Democrat is repulsive and disgusting.

Poll results-

Voters have little doubt as to who is benefitting from the media coverage this year—Barack Obama. Fifty-four percent (54%) say Obama has gotten the best coverage so far. Twenty-two percent (22%) say McCain has received the most favorable coverage while 14% say that Hillary got the best treatment.

It is time to start calling these reporters what they are- They are bald faced liars. Omitting the truth and covering up the truth is no different than bald faced lying.

H/T Charlie Sykes

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