Thursday, September 20, 2007

This seems odd...

Am I the only person who believes this looks strange?

On the front page of the online Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, we see distinctly different stories.

First, highlighted at the top of the page is more on the Pension mess that has wasted millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars.

Pension 'buyback' inquiry to cover several decades

A little further down the page, we are treated to this editorial complaining that Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker is "cutting into bone" when it comes to the new budget on Milwaukee County Parks and cutting 81 county jobs.

Editorial : Cutting into bone

Let's see. Normal readers will see millions upon millions of their tax dollars being wasted in county employee pensions. In the next, they will see a complaint by the media that more county tax dollars are not being spent on county parks and see these very same county employees hugely benefiting from these pension buybacks.

Well, that is enough to confuse any reader.

Should the taxpayers feel sorry for the employees that are losing their jobs?(even though they still retain their pension)


Should the taxpayers be angry because county employees are making out like bandits on their tax dollars?

It seems odd to me that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel would run both the story and this editorial on the same day.

I would love to see the MJS editorial staff come out and name exactly which part of the budget should be slashed. Obviously taxpayers are being taken for a ride.

Slashing more money out of the taxpayers pockets is not an option. Taxpayers pay enough!

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