Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The New Republic's deceptions- the truth comes out!

The New Republic and their false stories have once again been outed. This is information that we already knew, but their are a lot of new and interesting facts to read.

Bob Owens reveals the real truth at Pajamas Media-

- Private Scott Beauchamp did not reveal that he was “Scott Thomas,” author of “Shock Troops,” until he was asked to sign a second sworn statement. It was after he signed this statement that his identity was revealed in The New Republic.

- Major Cross has seen no evidence of any sort of fact checking by The New Republic’s editors prior to publication, a sentiment shared by Army Public Affairs Officers in both Iraq and Kuwait. It is also worth noting that TNR editors have refused to publish PAO statements that contradict their claims.

- Major Cross was unable to find anyone in Beauchamp’s squad, platoon, or company that would corroborate the stories he told in “Shock Troops.”

- Beauchamp was the subject of a second investigation, which found him guilty of violating his unit’s operational security for which he could have been thrown out of the Army.

Read the whole thing.

I also found it quite interesting that after the New Republic insisted that the tall tales told by this soldier had been fact checked and corroborated over and over again, the truth came out about that also.

Turns out the fact checker for New Republic was the wife of the soldier telling the tall tales.

How many times does the New Republic get caught doing these types of stories before their credibility as a media source is completely shot?

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