Friday, September 21, 2007

Healthy Wisconsin has died(kinda)

It took them long enough to realize that Healthy Wisconsin was killing any chance for a budget.

What a bunch of children these Dems are for holding onto this for so long.

Kinda like Linus hanging onto his security blankey.

Of course- now the Dems think they can have all of their tax increases!

Think again!

Senate Democrats have pulled their Healthy Wisconsin universal health care plan from their budget.

Sen. Robson said the Dems are dropping it "in the interest of moving the budget process forward," and they are offering a DHFS package that includes the cigarette tax increase, the hospital assessment, and BadgerCare expansion and transfer from Patients Compensation Fund.

Robson said Senate Dems were "sick of the silence" and "sick of the status quo" from Republicans on health care.

She promised to continue talking about Healthy Wisconsin for the entire upcoming session.Rep.

Huebsch responded by saying he accepts their removal of the proposal, and said it was a move "many felt should have been made long ago."

He also rejected the idea that Republicans aren't talking about health care reform, pointing to their consumer-driven proposals. He said there is a "need for the American consumer and free market to take over."

He guaranteed a public hearing in the Assembly for Healthy Wisconsin if it is passed in the Senate.

More on budget later.

Just got a phone call- Healthy Wisconsin is not dead unless the Republicans will give the Democrats everything else they want?

Can anyone verify that for me?

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