Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Democrats- Do you have anything to offer the overburdened taxpayers in Wisconsin?

This is Wisconsin budget debate is beginning to get entertaining.

Honestly, the Democrats have no idea what to do. They Democrats are still offering no solutions. The Democrats have no idea how to proceed forward.

The Democrats are once again reduced to bashing Republicans for their ideas, yet offer up nothing of their own.

I honestly believe they have no clue how to proceed forward. So they revert to their old ways of insulting, instead of providing leadership.

Senator Decker-

"It's time for the Assembly Republicans to get serious and start negotiating and compromising instead of throwing out ridiculous ideas that aren't even worth considering," Decker said.

Like what, Senator Decker? You got any ideas? Senator Decker- what is your compromise proposal?

Does any single Democrat, including the governor, have any single proposal that will break this impasse?

These are the very same Democrats that made promise after promise a year ago as they are running for office, that they had new fresh ideas. Faced with a real test, and they have nothing.

Here they sit- the Democrats are in charge, and honestly they have no idea what to do.

Do the Democrats really believe that the people of Wisconsin voted for them because they believed their taxes were not high enough?

Do the Democrats really believe that the people of Wisconsin really want their taxes increased?

The Republicans are doing the right thing here- they are moving forward with or without the Democrats.

Local governments and local school boards will be allowed to raise taxes to any level they choose. They can charge what they want with few limitations. Even the governor recognizes this-

Huebsch argued that passing those pieces while talks continue on other parts of the budget made sense in order to protect taxpayers from higher-than-necessary tax increases.

"If you knew that you could save property taxpayers more than $589 million and move the budget deliberations forward by agreeing on funding our top priorities, wouldn't you?" Huebsch said in a prepared statement.

Doyle warned last month that failure to pass a new state budget will result in property taxes going up $150 on a median-valued home in Wisconsin.


Huebsch said it's important to act soon, given that the state Department of Public Instruction has said that if the budget isn't passed by Sept. 28, the amount of aid sent to public schools will be based on the current level and not include increases from either budget. Without more state aid, schools could be forced to either make cuts or raise property taxes.

Likewise, cities and counties may raise property taxes if a state budget with additional money, and new levy limits, isn't enacted.

Any yet, the Democrats are offering nothing. They want their tax increases and they will not budge!

Democrats are not backing down from their $15.2 billion universal health care plan, while Republicans rejected Doyle's major proposals and included far less funding in a number of areas, including higher education.

Clearly, the Democrats in Wisconsin have decided that they will take their stand against every single taxpayer in Wisconsin.

Let the Democrats stand there and explain to the taxpayers of Wisconsin next year, why their taxes went up so much, because they refused to act or compromise.

Let the Democrats explain to the taxpayers why they stood by and did nothing while local governments and school boards raised property taxes.

Let the Democrats defend why they needed the largest tax increase in state history as they face the voters next year.

Let the Democrats explain why they could not come up with a compromise.

Let the Democrats explain that when faced with a tax crisis, all they offer are insults and no ideas.

Let the Democrats explain to these very same taxpayers why they refused to protect them when they know a tax increase crisis was coming.

The Republicans and Rep Huebsch have a responsibility to protect the taxpayers and still move forward for Wisconsin school children.

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