Saturday, September 01, 2007

Locks of Love

I did it.

I broke down and cut my hair off. Most of it anyway.

When I went into the salon this morning, I had every intention of getting at least 6 inches cut off. It was time for a change in style.

As I sat there explaining to the stylist of what I wanted done, she said- "You might have enough hair to donate to "Locks of Love"."

She started measuring and what I wanted done was not enough. I only wanted about 8 inches off. You have to have 10 inches in order to donate.

Then I started thinking abut my mother, who is currently fighting a battle with breast cancer. So far, my mother's prognosis is good. The cancer was caught early enough and she is currently going thru radiation, but not chemotherapy.

Still, as I sat there, a nice gentlemen sitting to me getting his hair cut also, was really excited about the thought of donating hair.

I know my mother does not like my long hair and she never has. She says it is too stringy. I suppose she is right, but don't tell her I said this.

So I did it. I had them take about 10 1/2 inches off. It is kind of cool knowing that a child, fighting a debilitating decease, will be receiving my hair.

Even better, I love my new short hair.

I thought of my Mom the entire time that I sat there.

I did it for you Mom!

I love you Mom, keep trusting in the Lord.

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