Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Millions more tax dollars down the drain

This should come as no shock to anyone-

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Medicaid project further delayed
Computer system overhaul also to cost $4 million more

An already-delayed overhaul of the computer system that runs the state's health insurance program for the poor will be pushed back at least another three months and face higher costs.

You gotta love this next little diddy. How is it possible for this new system to be saving us money, when we are actually spending an additional $4 million on it?

Costs for the project are rising by about $4 million, to about $45.5 million. Not all of the increase is caused by the delay, and officials stress that the project's cost is being offset by savings the new system has generated.

This new system, designed to save us money, will actually cost taxpayers at least $14 million more than planned.

Did we miss a meeting where all of the IT people got together and decided that they were going to really stick it to the taxpayers of Wisconsin?

The Medicaid project is the latest state IT system to be beset with delays and higher costs. Legislative auditors in April detailed similar problems across state government and highlighted the Medicaid system as one lawmakers should keep their eyes on.

Good grief!

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