Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The right move?

Some folks have had it with MATC and decided that they are sick of sending their tax dollars to a MATC board that seems to have no respect for the taxpayers in their district.

District votes to leave MATC

The move, if successful, would cut MATC's property tax revenue by $5 million a year, cut property tax bills for Germantown School District residents and perhaps embolden other communities that are already weighing their own possible secession from MATC.

The potentially historic decision was made after virtually no discussion.

I have to disagree with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on this one, this has been discussed for months. MJS was probably just pointing out that their was not much discussion before this actual vote.

"Taxation without representation" has been the call for the last several months in Germantown.

Check out this quote from the MATC spokesman when faced with the possibility Germantown would want to leave MATC-

The number of Germantown residents attending each campus probably would not change much if residents in the Germantown School District are moved out of the MATC district, said MATC spokesman Jim Gribble.

Wisconsin residents can attend any school in the system, and there are no differences in tuition rates based on residency.

Gribble said that he believes the metropolitan area surrounding the city should help pay for services provided in the urban core.

Basically, MATC wants Germantown's money.

Mike Nichols has an opinion on that-

In other words, suburbanites should stay in MATC because the urban center deserves their money. It's not just about education, apparently, it's about income redistribution and bigger issues.

This should be an interesting battle.

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