Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jim Doyle's tainted campaign funds

Even if you can swallow that garbage explanation from the governor, that his Troha donations should not be rejected, because Troha was not convicted of illegally donating to Doyle, this one is even harder to swallow.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Even though Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu (SHOE) remains a fugitive from justice, Democratic Governor Jim Doyle is not parting with the $2,000 in donations he got from the New York businessman.

Doyle says he is monitoring the situation with Hsu to see if there was anything wrong with the contribution received in 2005. Doyle says he doesn't know "one way or the other" whether the allegations against Hsu are true.

Clearly- the allegations are true. Hsu plead no contest to the charges against him 15 years ago.

Now if Hsu had paid his debt to society- I would have no problem with Doyle keeping the direct contribution from Hsu. However, Hsu has not paid restitution for the $1 million he bilked from investors, nor has he served any jail time, in fact, Hsu has still not been sentenced because he has been running for years.

Most p0liticians attempt to distance themselves from illegal behavior. Not Governor Doyle. Whether it is hundreds of thousands of dollars in Kenosha casino donations, the Hsu donation or even the power plant people- Doyle keeps these donations, no matter how tainted.

By the way, has anyone heard how the Wisconsin Democrat Party plans on ridding themselves of their tainted Hsu money? After all, Hsu directly donated $10,000 to them.

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