Monday, September 03, 2007

Check out this list of Democrats lining their political coffers with Hsu cash

The Suitably Flip website is pouring out information about Hsu and his associates. Check this stuff out-

The 84 individuals who received money from Hsu and his associates included 17 Gubernatorial candidates, 17 Congressional candidates, 27 Senatorial candidates, and a variety of statewide and local candidates. All were Democrats, with the exception of Tom Gallagher, Florida's former CFO and an unsuccessful primary challenger to Charlie Crist in the 2006 Governor race.
Including candidate-specific PACs, these individuals have take just over $1 million from Hsu's group since the 2004 cycle

The state and national Democrat parties have been filling their coffers with Hsu cash also
Hat tip to my good buddy over at An Ol' Broad's Ramblings and a nice fellow who emailed me the Suitably Flip website.(you know who you are)

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