Sunday, September 02, 2007

It is not as bad as Abramoff....

That is the excuse that some of the liberals are using to continue to back all of the fugitive Norman Hsu campaign contributions to Democrats all over the country.

Liberal logic: Hsu's actions were not as bad as Abramoff, so it is fine.

What we learn from Right from the Right, is that not only is this mess getting worse and worse for the Democrats, but now the real cracks in the Democrats defenses are starting to show. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations have gone to all of the high profile Democrats.

Now the questions are arising about Hsu's friends and what they have contributed.(for example, the Paw family)

Even here in Wisconsin, Democrat governor Jim Doyle received his share of donations. The Wisconsin Democratic Party received a whopping $10,000.

This can of worms is just now beginning to open.

How has Hsu benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of campaign donations to Democrats?

What did Hsu expect in return for his loyalty to the Democrat Party?

The difference between Hsu and Abramoff, is that Hsu donated to the Democrats only. Abramoff crossed the ailse on numerous occasions. Just ask Senator Harry Reid.

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