Thursday, September 06, 2007

Saves me a few bucks

Yes- just like the folks in this article- because the new budget has not been passed- then I do not have to pay the extra $20 in car registration fees. My car is due to be registered this month.

Jim Stout and his daughter Amelia were at the state Division of Motor Vehicles Wednesday, where Amelia was getting her first driver's license. The state budget deadlock means that a $20 fee increase for vehicle registration is on hold, just one of a number of fee and tax increases that won't happen until a budget is passed and signed.

I really like this Jim Stout guy, check out this quote-

"It proves that we might be better off without politicians," Stout said.

With any amount of luck and some hard work by Republicans, perhaps all of these tax and fee increases will not pass in the new budget.

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