Sunday, September 16, 2007

Taxpayers- Just hand over your money and no one gets hurt

We are once again subjected to another "not so veiled" threat from academic elitists out of Madison.

From the pages of the Wisconsin State Journal comes another threat against the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Either we hand over every single penny that the academics believe they need or they will set about spending millions upon millions of dollars to destroy every single politician or person that dares challenge them on their wasteful spending habits.

Conservatives have long accused college professors of turning young minds into liberal mush.

But a much more real and direct threat to the right wing are the professors ' wallets.

University employees are giving far more money to political campaigns than a decade ago. They 're actually giving more than the oil industry and drugmakers, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks donations.

How do like that?

The academic elitists are giving more money than the evil oil companies.

Now, we already know that these elitists are filling the pockets of the Democrats, and this article is certainly not denying it.

Let's stop here for a moment and study this. If a conservative politician accepts money from a person in the oil industry, that politician is accused of being corrupt and "on the take" from the oil companies. After all, the oil company execs are only trying to buy politicians for their own tax breaks.

However, when a liberal politician accepts money from the academic elitists, they are celebrated as being progressive.

Not only is it celebrated, but it is encouraged by the media. This opinion article written by Scott Milfred, an editor with the Wisconsin State Journal, is a perfect example of this celebration.

The question becomes- why is it okay for the liberals to be "on the take" from the academic elitists? Why is it the Democrats are not accused of being corrupt even though they are accepting millions of dollars in campaign donations in order to push more money into the hands of the academic elitists?

After all, these elitists are demanding more and more money from the taxpayers ever single year. They need the Democrats in power in order to get every single penny they can from the taxpayers.

A perfect example of this corruption is State Senator Bob Wirch. In 2004, Senator Wirch accepted $569,270 in WEAC support.

Clearly WEAC was buying themselves a politician. If Senator Wirch's opponent, Reince Priebus, had accepted $569,270 from oil company execs, can you imagine what would have been said about Priebus? Can you imagine the accusations of corruption that would have been heaped upon Priebus by the media?

As it was, during the campaign, WEAC candidate, Senator Wirch had the nerve to accuse Priebus of being in the "pockets of special interests"!

In fact, in 2004, WEAC bought themselves a ton of candidates. The WEAC PAC spent over $1,800,000 on state legislator's races.

Somehow, these politicians accepting this incredible amounts of money are not considered corrupt. Why is that? Talk about your special interests!

As we travel on through this article, there are a few other little tidbits of information.

Do not question embryonic stem cell research or global warming. The academic elitists will not tolerate this. If you question the science behind either of these issues they will set out to destroy you.

Right now, on the state level, the special interest group known as the "academic elitists" are having a hissy fit because they are not getting the incredible amount of tax dollars that they think they deserve in this year's budget.

Now, it is certainly okay for the schools to complain, and no one expects them not to.

Education is important. As a state, well over half of our budget goes to education and that is the way that it should be. There comes a point when taxpayers just cannot afford any more. When this happens, it is up to all of us to figure out new ways to stop wasting money and becoming more efficient.

What I do find to be amazing is that as smart as these academic elitists are, they have yet to figure out that it was Governor Jim Doyle, the Democrat, who proposed and implemented massive cuts to the UW system. Still somehow, it was the Republicans in the state legislature that incurred the academic elitist's wrath. Simply amazing that these intellectuals still forked over millions of dollars to Governor Doyle and the Democrats last year.

The author of this article goes on the issue a not so veiled threat to the Republicans-

If conservatives want to lead the Wisconsin of the future, they would be wise to stop belittling its brainpower today.

So taxpayers, you dare not question UW spending. You dare not question the academic elitists. You dare not question where the money is being spent. You dare not question their academic standards.

The author of this article is trying to teach us all a lesson-

Taxpayers, just hand over your money and no one gets hurt.

To any person who dares question the academic elitists, you will be destroyed and the elitists will just go out and buy themselves a puppet to do their bidding.

H/T Dan commenting at Badger Blogger

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