Monday, September 03, 2007

And the worms come slithering out

Remember that can of worms I spoke about yesterday....

Well the worms come slithering out of the can...

The latest on Clinton and Hsu, from World Net Daily-

A shady Chinese megadonor to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has close ties to an aerospace mogul accused of placing his business interests before national security by sharing missile secrets with Beijing during the Clinton administration.

You don't say, a $1 million grant????

Last November, Schwartz and Hsu chaired a New School banquet at the Mandarin Oriental in New York which featured Sen. Clinton as keynote speaker. Clinton steered a $1 million federal grant to the college.

If you did not know, Schwartz was President Bill Clinton's top donor-

Schwartz, who was Clinton's top donor in the 1996 election cycle, insists his contributions did not buy policy changes regarding China. He says the favorable treatment he got from the administration was merely a "coincidence."

However, two months before he won a prized seat on a Commerce Department trade junket to China, he wrote a check to Democrats for $100,000. On the trip, Schwartz scored a meeting with China's top telecommunications official, which led to Loral winning a deal to provide cell phone service to China – a deal worth an estimated $250 million a year.

You all have to read the whole thing. This story is chalk full of information going all the way back to Chinagate.

Just so people don't think that Hillary is the only Democrat on the hook for the Hsu mess, many other Democrats also faired pretty well with Hsu in their back pockets.

More recently, Schwartz and Hsu (pronounced shoo) appeared together at the New York Yacht Club for Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy's 40th birthday bash.

Ted Kennedy's son, Patrick, a congressman, has received a hefty chunk of change from Hsu.

Check out this list at Newsmeat...

Congressman Patrick Kennedy
Congressman Mark Udall
Congressman Mike Honda
Senator John Rockefeller IV
Senator Mark Pryor
Presidential candidate Tom Vilsack
Presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama
Presidential candidate and Senator Hillary Clinton
Senator Mark Pryor
Senate candidate Al Franken

The list goes on and on....

What did Hsu and his friends receive in special favors from all of this Democrats???

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