Monday, September 17, 2007

Does the "piece meal" budget kill the Frankenstein Veto?

My friend Matt and I were just talking about this on the phone.

Does the "piece meal" budget kill the Frankenstein Veto?

Think about this for a moment...

Perhaps this is the reason that Governor Doyle and the Democrats insist on having the budget all together.

It would be very difficult for the Governor and the Democrats to slide money in between certain areas of the budget, if it is not all in one piece.

You remember when the Governor raided $1 billion out of the Transportation fund and moved it over to the Education budget?

How would he be able to do that if the Education budget passes on it's own and then the Transportation budget passes at a later date?

How would the Governor be able to move his magic Frankenstein veto pen around without a whole budget?

I don't know, folks. Just a thought.

Perhaps some of our state legislators could help us answer this question. I have emailed them- I will let you know their responses.

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