Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Supreme Court to hear Voter ID

This is great news.

The Supreme Court will be taking up the validity of voter ID. The case and the final ruling should all take place before next year's election.

The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide whether voter identification laws unfairly deter the poor and minorities from voting, stepping into a contentious partisan issue in advance of the 2008 elections.

The justices will hear arguments early next year in a challenge to an Indiana law that requires voters to present photo ID before casting their ballots. The state has defended the law as a way to combat voter fraud.

The state Democratic party and civil rights groups complained that the law unfairly targets poor and minority voters, without any evidence that in-person voter fraud exists in Indiana. The party argued that those voters tend to be Democrats.


It will be nice to never again hear the words "voter disenfranchisement" again.

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