Thursday, September 06, 2007

Snarling Bucky

The folks at UW are at it again.
Just the other day I read on the blog, The Daily Rag, that the Alumni at UW are sending out notices to all their alumni.

Just as soon as I read that I saw today's mail which included an "urgent" plea from the Wisconsin Alumni Association to lean on legislators not to cut the UW system budget. The packet included stamped postcards already prepared with my name and address and the names and addresses of my legislators.
It did not take long for several people to email me the actual copy of the notices that the UW Alumni as cramming down the throats of their patrons.
First of all- check out the Snarling Bucky on these.(I did not know that Bucky could look so nasty)

Secondly, under the so-called heading "Get the Facts", the Alumni need to get the facts straight. There are no budget cuts proposed by the governor, the state senate or the state assembly.
Every single budget proposal this year gives UW more money than they have ever had.
It is time for the lies to stop!

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