Friday, September 14, 2007

Right on queue...

24 hours?

Perhaps not even that long.

Governor Jim Doyle's lackey launched into a diatribe about the Assembly Republicans determination to move forward on the state budget-

Republican legislative leaders should stop the "theatrics" in the state budget standoff and get back to work on a complete two-year budget, Michael Morgan, Gov. Jim Doyle's top aide, said today.
An Assembly GOP plan to debate the school portion of the state budget next week is not a serious effort and will merely delay the hard work of compromise on a total budget, Morgan said during a meeting with Journal Sentinel editors and reporters.

For the last several days, I have called on the Democrats to belly up to the negotiating table and offer up a plan to break the budget impasse.

The Democrats refuse to act.

Despite the continuous onslaught of insults, only the Assembly Republicans are working on the state budget.

Only the Assembly Republicans are working on breaking the budget impasse.

Only the Assembly Republicans are protecting the taxpayers from massive tax increases.

There sits the Democrats and Governor Doyle doing little more than sitting on their hands. The only time they make a move is when they are fishing around in the taxpayer's pockets.

Apparently, all the Democrats know how to do is grub around in the taxpayer's pockets and insult Republicans.

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