Saturday, September 29, 2007

Senator Judy Robson sends piecemeal budget letter over to DPI

Yes, folks- you read the headline correctly.

After all the fuss and muss about not presenting a piecemeal budget, that is exactly what Senator Robson did in her own special way yesterday.

Remember how insistence the Democrats were about how the budget all fits together and it could not be piece mealed????

Well, after realizing that the Democrats will be held solely responsible for massive tax increases because an entire budget was not passed by DPI's deadline, Senator Robson wrote a little letter-

But Senate Majority Leader Judy Robson (D-Beloit) sent Burmaster a letter saying she should use school funding figures that have been included in budget bills from Democrats, Republicans and Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, even though they have not agreed to an overall budget.

Hello, Senator Robson- you just sent over a piecemeal portion of the budget and told DPI to go ahead and use it!!!!

Are you kidding me? No budget has been voted on! How can Robson yank out a portion of it and tell them DPI to go ahead and use the piece mealed numbers????

A portion of the budget was voted on and passed overwhelmingly in the Assembly. Yes, this was piecemeal portion that covered K-12 spending. However, Robson refused to take up the piecemeal, because she insisted that all areas of the budget affected each other and it could not be done!

The Democrats insistence that the entire budget stand together is clearly a complete and utter farce.

I am assuming that Senator Judy Robson will be calling the Senate together first thing Monday morning to vote on AB506 and pass this legislation. I am assuming that Robson knows whether or not the Governor will sign it also.

After all, why in heaven's name would Robson tell DPI to use numbers from the budget, if Robson did not plan on passing this portion of the piece mealed budget.

Realistically, how can the DPI legally send Robson's numbers out to the school districts, unless real legislation is actually passed.

After Senator Robson's actions, Rep. Mike Huebsch needs to insist that no more negotiations take place until the Democrats fulfill their commitment that Senator Robson just made to DPI!

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