Monday, July 31, 2006

The AG race

Today, I take my stand on the AG race. Over the last year, many of us conservatives have had the pleasure of meeting both JB Van Hollen and Paul Bucher. Within the next six weeks, we will have to make a choice.

Over the last several months, I have noticed that several other bloggers were throwing their support behind their favorite candidate for Attorney General. I have also seen and heard many other party members stumping for their favorite candidates. I felt that it was time for me to stand up and be accountable for my choice.

Approximately a year ago, many of us in Kenosha had an opportunity to see JB and Paul at one of our Saturday Social gatherings. Both were there on the same day, and both had the opportunity to answer the same questions. At that time, there was no real debate. They are both very intelligent men who know the law. They both presented themselves very well.

As conservatives, we are very lucky in this state. We have two great men running for Attorney General. Unfortunately, we can only pick one or the other.

I believe that I made my final choice in February at our county caucus.

Even though the choice was difficult, I am throwing my support for our next Attorney General to be Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher. The reasons I choose Paul Bucher are numerous.

Close to the top of my list of reasons that I support Paul Bucher is that he is a tough guy crime fighter. I know that actually turns some people off, but not me. In fact, this is exactly what I was looking for in a candidate for Attorney General. I do not want someone who is afraid to take on the criminals in our society. I want a hard-nosed Attorney General. I want my next Attorney General to be someone who is strong enough to take on the tough criminals, instead of someone who manufactures criminals out of cranberry growers.

In Paul Bucher, I see the swagger and confidence that President Bush displays, and I see the dignity and intelligence of President Ronald Reagan. In Paul Bucher, I see a man who walks into a courtroom who is confident he can win his case and is intelligent enough to do it.

Another very important reason that I choose to support Paul Bucher is that he cares about the little people. Paul Bucher wants to fight crime in order to protect someone just like me in Wisconsin. I am not an important person or an elected official, but at every event that Paul Bucher attends, he heads straight for folks just like me. He will look us straight in the eye and just talk to us. He is not continuously scanning the crowd looking for someone more important than little ole’ me.

You may ask- what do I have against JB Van Hollen?

The answer to this question is- absolutely nothing. I like JB Van Hollen. He strikes me as a very bright person, who knows the law and he would make a great Attorney General. I am well aware of the fact that my own County Sheriff, Dave Beth, is supporting JB Van Hollen. I am proud of my sheriff for supporting such a good man for Attorney General.

If JB Van Hollen wins the primary, I will work just as hard as I can to help JB become our next Attorney General. You will not find me bashing JB on this blog or any other blog, because I believe that he is a good man and would make a great Attorney General. (However, I will probably be bashing Peg and Kathleen.)

I have been around politics long enough to understand that when two good candidates are running in a primary, it is imperative that everything I do and say is something I can live with the day after the primary. All of us as conservatives need to be able to pick up the banner of the primary winner and carry our candidate to victory in November. The result must be that Peg Lautenschlager and Kathleen Falk cannot be allowed to be our Attorney General.

I suppose the choice for all of us will be with personalities. What do we feel is the most important qualities that we are looking for in our next Attorney General?

I answered that question for myself. I found what I was looking for in Paul Bucher. I found a tough, confident, hardworking man who is willing to stand up and fight crime to protect the ordinary people in our community.

Disclaimer: I am speaking for myself and not an organization. You will find literature and bumper stickers for both candidates at the Kenosha County GOP offices. Feel free to drop by and support your favorite candidate. Perhaps, while you are there, you can join in on one of our Mark Green phone banks. Hint, hint…

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BBG said...

Way to go Kathy. As you and many other know I too support Paul. All your reasons are good ones but for me it breaks down to a gut feeling. Thew same feeling that got me to work for Reince and Cathy.
I like you think either man will make a great AG but over my many years I have found that gut feeling is right almost every time.