Saturday, July 08, 2006

Glenn Grothman for US Senate

It appears to be official. Glenn Grothman is running for US Senate.

I have received 6 emails in the past couple of hours, all saying that Grothman is officially running. Owen, from Boots and Sabers is reporting the same thing.

There are many in the blogosphere world that really think this is a bad idea for Grothman to run.

IMO, since Grothman has now decided to run, I will most definitly support him and vote for him.


Jim Smith said...

I agree that the time is not right for Grothman to run for US Senate, but the lack of quality candidates on the Republican side fo the aisle shows the current weakness of the WI Republican Party. The WI Republican Party is currently not in the position to contest every election. However, the number of young, talented and capable people in the party indicates that we will have a great future. We just need to make sure that we are teaching core conservative values and principles to our children, or the Party will decline again.

jeff said...

A clear sign of that decline is the Party's support of a constitutional amendment which tells competent, consenting adults that they are not allowed to marry the competent, consenting adult of their choice.

BBG said...

I thought that dogs took dumbs. Seems Glenn took a really big one on the ppl working hard in just a few days to get 50% more signers than he needed. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr