Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kenosha Alderman Ken Polzin, Jr. on excessive tickets for alternate side street parking

Finally, one Kenosha's alderman is asking the city to look at alternate side parking during the winter.

Communities around Wisconsin have used this "alternate side street parking" tickets to line their pockets for years and years.

For 4 straight months every year, if you do not park on the correct side of the street, you get a nice ticket. The whole purpose of creating this rule was so that the snow plows are able to plow when it snows.

It doesn't matter if it snows, you get a ticket if you are not parked correctly from Dec. 1st thru March 31st. It could be 70 degrees outside with no chance of snow, you would still get a ticket.

According to the K-News- the city has been lining their pockets with money for 120 straight nights, even though it they only plowed 11 times this past year and they collected $296,000 worth of tickets.

We already know that when the snow gets deep enough, Kenosha declares a snow emergency and no one can park on any city streets. Instead of just declaring a snow emergency on those nights that it is snowing, they hand out tickets for 120 straight days.

It's time to end this practice of alternate side street parking. If the city needs to plow-declare a snow emergency.

Kenosha Alderman Kenneth Polzin, Jr. in today's Kenosha News-
"I wanted to know if these other communities are doing street sweeping or picking up garbage or doing anything else during these hours, because here we're doing next to nothing during those hours," Polzin said. "For 11 runs we take 120 days of alternate-side parking, that's 10 percent of the time that you do something on a fraction of these streets and write almost 15,000 tickets."

The city has used this excuse for over 10 years to line their pockets.


Chris said...

Your lucky Oconomowoc will not let you park on the street at all during that period. I once saw over 40 cars with tickets on 30th of March the last day of the season. It was 5am that day and already over 70F.

When did they forget that government is supposed to work for us not the other way around?

Anonymous said...

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