Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dennis York's take on Gov. Doyle's stem cell research game

I have to admit, I do not spend a whole lot of time on Jim Doyle's campaign website. I probably should spend more time checking out what the governor is up to these days.

Fortunately, for us, Dennis York is keeping an eye on Governor Jim Doyle's campaign. He has recently discovered Jim Doyle's little game with stem cell research. It appears that Doyle is requesting a "personal story about how stem cell research affects you and your family".

Check out Dennis York's post. Here is a snippet-

It wonderful that the media complain about negative campaigns, yet they sit back and do nothing to actually investigate the veracity of the false claims made. They might want to put down their campaign finance reform pom-poms just long enough to cover the issues in a campaign, rather than covering polls, fundraising numbers, and who has the shinier new campaign bus.

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Kate said...

I actually wasted some time this morning and looked at Doyle's "site". What a crock! I don't think reality has a great deal to do with that guy's view of the world. :)