Thursday, July 27, 2006

Now this is real shocker- Milwaukee board approves another tax hike

Of course the liberals want a tax hike. That is just who they are.

The question is- How long before Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker vetoes it? Do you think he will veto it tomorrow or wait until next Monday?

The story-

After failing to muster a two-thirds majority earlier today for a referendum on a 0.25% sales tax for parks, the Milwaukee County Board has narrowly approved a November advisory referendum on a proposed 0.5% sales tax.

The 10-9 vote sends the measure to County Executive Scott Walker, who has promised a veto as he did in the case of the 0.25% referendum measure.

The passage of the referendum on a 0.5% sales tax followed a rare appeal by County Board Chairman Lee Holloway from the floor of the County Board room.

Supporters said a 0.5% tax - which would need state legislation and formal approval by county elected officials - would raise $60 million a year. The resolution stated that $30 million would supplant the current county property tax levy for parks, recreation and culture. The other $30 million would be used for additional operating needs and deferred maintenance of parks and cultural facilities that receive county aid.

They said it would ease the funding cuts in parks and help restore them, while reducing reliance on property taxes.
Walker immediately issued a statement declaring it "totally irresponsible" to "push for a $60 million tax increase at a time when people and jobs are leaving the area."

Opponents of the referendum said it was false to tell voters that property tax relief would be guaranteed by a new sales tax.

In favor of the referendum in addition to Holloway: Supervisors Gerry Broderick, Elizabeth Coggs-Jones, Marina Dimitrijevic, Willie Johnson Jr., Michael Mayo Sr., Richard Nyklewicz Jr., John Weishan Jr., Peggy West and James White.

Opposed: Mark Borkowski, Paul Cesarz, Toni Clark, Lynne DeBruin, Dan Devine, Ryan McCue, Roger Quindel, Joseph Rice, James Schmitt.

Earlier, the board fell one vote short of approving a move to ask voters their opinion of a proposed 0.25% sales tax to bolster funding for parks, recreation and culture.

The vote was 12-7 to override Walker's veto of that referendum measure. The .25% question would have been put to voters in September.

Supporters of the .25% referendum picked up two votes, Supervisors Quindel and Weishan, from the original 10-9 vote in favor of the ballot measure. But a two-thirds majority, 13 votes, was needed today in order to override Walker.

Voting to override: Broderick, Clark, Coggs-Jones, Dimitrijevic, Johnson, Mayo, McCue, Nyklewicz, Quindel, Weishan, West and Holloway.

Voting to sustain Walker's veto: Borkowski, Cesarz, DeBruin, Devine, Rice, Schmitt and White.

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