Saturday, July 29, 2006

Things that make you go- Hummmmm.

Someone sent me a link to the Wisconsin Elections Board website. On this site, you can read the reports that candidates have filed about the campaign contributions they have received.

Here is the website, it is very easy to negotiate.

Just for giggles, I thought I would take a look at how many Kenosha County residents have contributed the maximum $10,000 to the Green and Doyle campaigns. I have not looked at the 2005 numbers yet. I have only looked at the numbers from Jan 06 thru June 06.

I was floored when I took a began to look at these numbers. Here is a breakdown of what I found for individual campaign donations for $10,000 for this year only.

-34 individuals have contributed a maximum of $10,000 to Governor Jim Doyle

- of these 34 individuals giving $10,000, 9 of them are Kenosha County residents. 27% of Doyle's $10,000 contributions came from Kenosha County!

- of these 9 individual Kenosha county residents giving, 6 of them builders, contractors, flooring or electricians, totally 66%.

- Mark Green had a total of 10 individuals giving the maximum of $10,000 this year.

- Of these 10 contributors, ZERO are from Kenosha County.

Kinda makes you wonder how many of the Kenosha County residents giving $10,000 are trying to buy themselves a Casino in Kenosha.

I have just now started looking into the campaign contributions from both candidates. As I discover more, I will post more.


This DJ said...

Or how about 9 of them realize Doyle is in trouble and know that if Mark Green is governor it is less preferable to them personally.

Tying campaign contributions to the casino is ridiculous

in fact, I remember whent hey were tying that casino to the mob and crazy right wingers were writing letters saying Kenosha representatives were bought off by the Mafia.

What about hte money that Gren recieves from the roadbuilders or WMC? Will those donations buy things they want? What about all that oil PAC money given to Green as congressman. Did that buy his vote?

The thing is, money = speech, so complaining about it is pretty much the most worthless thing you can do.

Kate said...

Easy to navigate, eh?

Kate said...

There's some real interesting stuff on Doyle's expenditures. I didn't know that Beverly Hills was in Wisconsin now! Or New York for that matter. REAL interesting!