Friday, July 14, 2006

Put the Wilson's on the Witness Stand!

Ruining their careers? Really, that is almost laughable. Seriously, did any one of us give two rips about Plame or Wilson, before this fiasco?

What is going to be fun about all of this is that now, Plame will have to come up with documents proving that she was a "covert" agent and that she had been out of the country with-in a 5 year period. Plame and Wilson, both will have to prove what careers they actually had, how it was ruined and then prove that Cheney actually leaked the information.

All of this means that Plame and Wilson will be under oath on a witness stand. Oh goody! Plame and Wilson better tell the truth or they can end up sitting in prison themselves.

I betcha Karl Rove's lawyer is licking his chops!

Proving that there they have been damaged is going very difficult, since no one has even been charged with the crime of leaking classified information. In addition, they are now so notorious, they actually wrote a book and financially benefited.

Oh boy- this is going to be fun!

From the Washington Post-
Plame's identity as a classified CIA officer was allegedly leaked to the media by top Bush administration officials. She and her husband filed a civil lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court accusing Cheney, Rove, former top Cheney aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and other unnamed government officials of violating Plame's and Wilson's constitutional rights, invading their privacy, endangering their children and ruining their careers.

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Kate said...

Didn't Robert Novak say he got the information from an official at the CIA, and that Wilson had listed Plame's job in Who's Who? Seems to me they don't have a covert leg to stand on.