Sunday, July 09, 2006

Blogosphere's Marquette Warrior visits moonbat Kevin Barrett

The very brave Marquette Warrior ventured into moonbat territory today to visit Kevin Barrett and his moonbat friends.

Read all about it at the Marquette Warrior website.

Here is a snipet-

He said that “they” sent Anthrax to the offices of the two senators who opposed the war on terror, and also that “they” killed Paul Wellstone (the very liberal senator from Minnesota who was replaced by a Republican). On this issue, Barrett is buying one of the nuttier theory of Fetzer, who believes that Karl Rove had Wellstone killed by an Electromagnetic Pulse that took out the electrical system of his small plane, making it crash.

Great work- Marquette Warrior!

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displaced ched head said...

In the late fifties the John Birch society was one of the few rightist movements around. Their racist beliefs turned off many a conservative. William F Buckley arrived on the scene and gave an historic and cogent face to classical conservativism. The Birchers remained a force until the mid sixties (costing Goldwater the election, when he was painted as a Bircher) by harping on conspiracy theories and populist rhetoric. That is the current state of the left. From the Kos Kidz to Deaniacs to fake impeachment hearings held in the basement of the congress by John Conyers and Cynthia McKinney this is where the left is at. Us conservatives may not get the spending cuts we desire but we are also not imploding unto ourselves. The rift between the leftist McGovern wing and any electable (outside of New York) Democrat is real. They disparage Joe Leiberman with an 80% liberal voting record, as being to far right.
The party out of power always shoots itself in the foot with these far leaning urges. The difference is, back then we had W.F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan to steer the ship. Who does the left have as their belweather, and intelectual champion? Kos? Ward Churchill? Noam Chomsky? Dick Durbin? Kevin Barrett? These mental midgets are bound for the dust bin of history. As it should be.