Friday, July 21, 2006

Finding the truth

It's a shame that Americans today, cannot just pick up a newspaper and expect to find the truth. Instead, Americans have to go looking for the truth.

For those looking for some truth, I found some.

Check out Ed Koch's article on the Israel vs. Hezbollah

It's long been said that when war comes, truth is the first casualty. War has come to Israel, Gaza and Lebanon. Let us remember the truth about how this war started.

In Gaza, Hamas terrorists dug a half-mile tunnel into Israel, killing two Israeli soldiers and taking one prisoner. The Israeli army responded by counter-attacking the Gaza Strip, which is now ruled by a Hamas government. Since its recent election to power, the Hamas government has not only refused to recognize the State of Israel, it has restated its goal of destroying Israel and replacing it with a single Islamic state running from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Hamas will not recognize any prior agreements made by Arafat with Israel. The Hamas regime has publicly endorsed the use of terror -- the killing of Israeli civilians in Israel -- to achieve its goals.


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