Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good- the President vetoed this bill

Those in the media leading folks to believe that the President vetoed Stem Cell Research- are flat out lying. Normally, I don't like to call anyone a "liar", but this time, the term fits. The media are pumping the line "Bush vetoes Stem Cell Research", or they are saying something very similar to this line.

It's a bald faced lie!

President Bush is the only President in the history of the US who has every allowed federal funding for stem cell research. That has not changed. Stem cell research continues. The difference is now the Congress wanted to expand the program and provide even more federal funding. The Congress wants to dump even more federal money.

There are two extreme problems with this new expanded research that the Congress is demanding.
1. The first problem is that absolutely no cures or even a hope for a cure has been created by studying embryonic stem cells. After many years of embryonic stem cell research, there have been documented successes in embryonic stem cell research.
However, adult stem cell research is moving forward, there is some real hope for adult stem cell research. Unfortunately, today's vetoed bill was about embryonic stem cells, not adult stem cells. Once again- many in Congress are bound and determined to throw perfectly good money away on a program that up to this point has had no success whatsoever.
There are years and year’s worth of embryonic stem cells still available to researchers without expanding the program. Why rush to expand a failed program?

2. The second problem with expanding embryonic stem cell research is the moral question. Morally, many people believe that the destruction of a human embryo for research is morally wrong. Federal dollars do not pay for abortions because many believe that it is morally wrong.

Why then should the destruction of embryonic stem cell be any different? I understand that it is called research, but is the research necessary?

I believe in adult stem cell research and so far, this research has proven itself morally dignified and has been successful. However, embryonic stem cell research has not.

So as the debate moves forward, don't believe the media lies. President Bush did not veto stem cell research. He vetoed the expansion of an unsuccessful embryonic stem cell program.

Per the Washington Post, the President stated:

Each child on the stage, he said, "began his or her life as a frozen embryo that was created for in vitro fertilization but remained unused after the fertility treatments were complete. . . . These boys and girls are not spare parts."

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