Friday, July 28, 2006

Some interesting numbers- blows the theory of "rich" republicans out of the water

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has broken down the donations for Mark Green and Jim Doyle. Here are some interesting numbers-

- Jim Doyle has received 22% of his donations from out of state

- Depending on how you break down the numbers- Mark Green has gotten 4% of out of state donations. If you include the money Mark Green tranferred from his congressional campaign account, Mark Green has received 15% from out of state donations

-Jim Doyle has received 9,183 individual donations

- Mark Green has received 16,149 individual donations

- Mark Green has received 60 donations of $5000 or more, totally 19% of his donations this year.

- Jim Doyle donations of $5000 or more, makes up 44% of his donations this year.(Again, Where are all those "rich" Republicans?)

- The average Mark Green donation is $176 and Jim Doyle's average donation is $440 (Again, Where are all those "rich" Republicans?)

- Jim Doyle has $5.2 million cash on hand

- Mark Green has$3.2 million cash on hand

Just by analyzing these numbers, you can clearly see that the idea that Republicans are a bunch of fat cat rich people and the Democrats stand for the little people- has been completely blown out of the water.


This DJ said...


You feel as though this is a case study? I'm sorry. Can you please explain how this SOLELY blows that "theory" out of the water?

I'd like to see the incredible research and etc that went into this stunning case study.




You can't say "Blows this out of the water" i let it go the first 3 times, but really. Before you go "Blowing stuff out of the water" maybe you should do the research to do it.

Otherwise it's just an outlandish claim that makes little to no sense.

Kate said...

Curious. Do they add up the small donations made by individuals, one at a time? Or do they count them as an each time donation? Not wording that too well, am I.

K. Carpenter said...

First of all, My name is Kathy. Secondly, I have done a case study of my very own. I am a Republican and I am not rich. I have alot of Republican friends, not one of them is rich.

So the little game by the Dems of calling the republicans the "rich" party is a bogus. You know it is bogus and it has always been bogus.

This DJ said...

Ok, Kathy, may I call you kathy? Or is Katherine better? I mean your name says K.Carpenter, I didn't try to offend you, or seem to be talking down at you. It's usually how I address people, by their listed name. To throw a bit of a fit about that is a tad bit crazy.

I know a lot of Republicans. Hell I group up in a great republican strong hold with a lot of republican friends.

I went to a private school, filled with conservatives. I know a lot of republicans and I know a lot of them are rich. Some are not, but a lot of them are FILTHY Rich.

But I come from a relativly well off family, and I'm a Democrat. But, on the most part, all of my Democrat friends aren't as rich. A lot of blue collar Labor guys, who are barely making it.

Is this a case study? Does this mean my information is fact?

I think making outlandish claims is a ridiculous waste of time, and while this is a blog, and arguing on the internet is the dumbest thing ever. You get posted on a reputable news site. You'd think you'd have a little bit more PRIDE in your work, than being known as that crazy republican lady from Kenosha, who always makes outlandish claims.

Just you know... take that for what you will.

K. Carpenter said...

Always makes outlandish claims. You just said yourself that you know some Republicans that are filthy rich.

In my world, this is not an outlandish claim. Republicans are not rich. I don't really know any. However, I do know a few rich Democrats.

There is a perception out there, that Republicans are rich. From these numbers alone, you can see that it is not true.

What is outlandish is the claim that Republicans are the party for the rich. That is the perception, and the reality is that it is just no so.

This DJ said...

But Kathy, you're not in a finite world. Your world is the SAME WORLD as my world. Just because you don't KNOW many rich republicans does not "Blow this theory out of the water."

The republican party is more about money, hence they look out for the rich a good deal. This is why historically poor demographics who's number one priority is their personal health and interest vote democratic.

The republican party is also the party of "traditional values" which is why perhaps more of the people you know are poor republicans. These 'moral issues' that include saying no to birth control are typically a very high on the list of most republicans. I'm pro life, yet it doesn't govern everything I do, hence why I'm a poor democrat. Typically, people who's number 1 issue are these moral issues are incredibly religious and a good deal of incredibly religious people are poor.

Now, to respond to your response. I honestly don't understand what you are saying could you try again and explain to me what exactly you are saying. I don't get what you're getting at, what your point is.

Anonymous said...

Filthy rich? Funny, whenever I see someone who is filthy any time other than when working an inherently dirty job, as I have done, that person is poor as a result of his own behavior.

The Republicans are the party of wealth creation. That is why I have voted Republican since the time I was struggling to make ends meet. It was the Gingrich-era "tax cuts for the rich" which enabled me to enter the middle class.

K. Carpenter said...

DJ- this is they type of stereotype that I am talking about-

Howard Dean, the head of the Democratic Party stated-

"Well, Republicans, I guess, can do that, because a lot of them have never made an honest living in their lives," Mr. Dean said. "But for ordinary working people, who have to work eight hours a day, they have kids, they got to get home to those kids, the idea of making them stand for eight hours to cast their ballot for democracy is wrong."

Then to see that the average donation from Mark Green supporters are not the super rich- but the working class- just like me.

This DJ said...

Kathy, your arguement there really isn't put together.

A lot- these are qualifiers. There are a LOT of rich republicans. There are also a lot of rich democrats. Looking at the Dean quote you can't say he's categorically saying all Republicans are rich. That's an incredibly large and ridiculous stretch. Kenneth Lay for example. Those Walton kids. etc etc etc.

Average donations and loooking at what donations are there is a foolish proposition because those numbers are #1 not accurate and number #2 incredibly unaccurate.

K. Carpenter said...

You made my point for me DJ. There are rich republicans and rich democrats. The idea perpetuated by the left that the GOP is a party for the rich white Americans only, is a pure farce. This idea is pumped out into mainstream America every single day.

This very argument is being made today by the left wing in Wisconsin. Have you heard the "big oil" commercials being run by the left wing in Wisconsin?

Just by looking at the numbers alone, one can clearly see that the "rich" Republicans are not the ones throwing the big dollars around in the governor's race. Yes, there are some rich Republicans that are throwing money at Mark Green. However, there are some poor republicans doing the same.

As far as not believing that numbers released by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, you have to take that up with them.

I posted my source and linked to where I got the numbers from. If they believe they are wrong, talk to the source. However, I have not seen any evidence to date that shows the MJS is incorrect in there data.

This DJ said...

See but that is not your point. Your point is you are "BLOWING THINGS OUT OF THE WATER." Sorry, but by using such strong, language you are stepping past things.

Now about these commercials by the "left wing" I assume you are talking about the GWC. Correct? Those ads are accurate based on the numbers released with regards to PACs. Green DID take a lot of money from big oil Pacs. He DID vote for many tax breaks for big oil, and the likes. That add is accurate, he looks out for big oil. Is that any different than those 'right wing ads' about Casino Money? Or the Anti-Teachers Union ads that you hear in the Southwest? No, they're the same ads, and they are accurate. It's voting record.

Now, the JS numbers, why you just can't point to them and say FACT. They are campaign released numbers to the Elections Board. Now, these numbers are correct, a portion of those numbers that is.

Average donations and the like are numbers to try to slant the view of the public and the press. They are not accurate because everyone inaccuratly reports numbers. They keep numbers secret until it is best to release them (sometimes in the next report.) I would not be surprised that Green has more 5000 plus donations hiding out there somewhere. It's all about the points of release. He knows that, and the RPW knows that. Hell the DPW knows it too, but Doyle doesn't have any of his old people anymore to tell him to hide that crap.

Politics is filled with Lies and Half Truths, don't believe everything you read verbatim. I wouldn't believe most things you read in the paper.

Especially from the JS when it comes to politics. They are so busy trying to create their own scandal because they missed the boat on Chvala, Burke, Scooter and Mickey.

This DJ said...

As for Rich repulicans not putting money into the Green campaign.

The republican party is a master at conduit receptions and PACs. A lot of the money that will be spent from the Green campaign will be in kinded from a group that is set up to funnel money and staff.

So, it is incredibly difficult to track.