Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pork! Pork! Pork!

Not only did the New Jersey legislators give Governor Corzine his 1% sales tax increase, but the Democrats decided they would pile on additional taxes to the nice folks in New Jersey-

Corzine got his 1% sales tax increase totally $1.1 billion, and the Democratic legislators added another $700 million worth of additional tax increases. The total tax increase is now $1.8 billion.

Check it out-

The tax increase would raise $1.1 billion. Corzine had wanted all the money to go toward helping close a $4.5 billion budget deficit and help ease future budget woes.

The increase is expected to cost the average New Jersey family $275 per year, according to fiscal experts.

In all, the budget plan contains about $1.8 billion in tax increases. About $300 million in special projects were added late Friday by Democrat legislators, including many that would help municipalities and organizations represented by Democratic leaders.

I wonder what the "special projects" really are. I know the Democratic legislators were trying to act like they were protecting the New Jersey taxpayer, but as you can see, thy not only gave the Governor his 1% sales tax increase, they decided to pile on even more taxes of their own.

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