Sunday, July 02, 2006

Democrats have no solutions

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No solutions- that is what we are getting from the Democrats. It never changes- they either deny there is a problem or they just blame Republicans. In some cases, they do both.

Here is a prime example from the Janesville Gazette Editorial Pages-

A new Legislative Fiscal Bureau report confirms what many suspected: The wheels are falling off the state's Transportation Fund.

That's bad news for economic development. Good roads and a sufficient transportation network are vital to business and job growth.

Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi sounded the alarm two months ago.

The state's Transportation Fund has been raided, to cover Jim Doyle's budget deficit. We are not talking about a tiny budget raid by Jim Doyle, but a $1 BILLION raid in order to cover budget deficits.

Now we find out that the Transportation Fund will close to $68 million short next year. Not only is the raiding of the fund a problem, but we also find out that since gas is $3 a gallon, people are driving less, and the gas tax that is being collected is even less than before.

When asked about the problem, here are the Democrats response-

Gov. Jim Doyle's response? "We're hardly in any crisis … we have a good, strong, robust transportation budget in this state," he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

And another Democrat's response-

In the face of all this, the response of Sen. Judy Robson, D-Beloit, is laughable.

"High gas prices are just another one of the issues Republican legislative leaders dabbled around the fringes on this session but offered no real relief…," Robson said in a news release. "If Republicans are holding out hope that people in this state will get used to paying $3 a gallon for gas, they may be in for quite a wait."

Huh? Now how is this a solution to any problem? Democrat Judy Robson cannot even stick to the question being asked!

One Democrat denies there is a problem, and the other does not even address the issue, she just blames the Republicans for high gas prices.

The Janesville Gazette understands:

If people hold out hope that pontificating politicians really will do something to reduce gas prices, they're in for an equally long wait.

I gotta say, to read the following quote from a liberal newspaper, in a the liberal city of Janesville is just priceless-

Instead of blaming Republicans, Robson should remember to which party our sticky-fingered governor belongs. If Doyle stopped pilfering the Transportation Fund, maybe there really wouldn't be a crisis.

Now that is telling it like it is! Yep- the Janesville Gazette editors sure saw thru the liberal line of garbage they were being fed. Way to go!

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