Monday, July 17, 2006

Stand Tough Israel- Most of America stands with you!

Pro Israel rally in downtown Chicago yesterday-

Here is Pro Israel Rally in New York-

And of course a few liberals decided to crash the party, with some horrifying protest signs-

H/T Photos posted on Powerline


Kate said...

I heard the lady from Atlas Shrugged on Rush this afternoon (wow, she talks fast). What I could glean from her was it was a fantastic turn out that even Hillary attended, even if she got a few boos. It wouldn't be a bad idea if the people of Wisconsin did something similiar. Any ideas Miss Kathy? :)

That picture of the protesters makes me sick. Those people are totally clueless what is at stake here. Falefels? Give me a break!

Marcus Aurelius said...

Are those protesters from The People's Cube? The thing about falefel seems like it would be right up their alley.