Saturday, July 08, 2006

"The donation and meeting were in no way linked"

"The donation and meeting were in no way linked"

Okay- so how many times have we heard this out of one of Doyle's campaign buddies?

I have literally lost track. Sigh.

Here is the latest from MJS-

Former Administration Secretary Marc Marotta met last year in his state office with a Philadelphia-area attorney who gave Gov. Jim Doyle $10,000 on the same day, state records show.

Katie Boyce, Doyle's fund- raiser, helped arrange the meeting, said Anson Kaye, a spokesman for Doyle's campaign. Marotta's calendar lists Boyce as an attendee to the meeting, but Kaye said she was included on the calendar in error.

The April 6, 2005, meeting was with Richard Schiffrin and Nicholas Pullen of Schiffrin & Barroway, a firm that specializes in shareholder lawsuits. That same day, Schiffrin gave Doyle's campaign $10,000, the maximum allowed under state law.

It also appears that Peg Lautenschlager may be caught up in this thing also. Lautenschlager is SUPPOSED to be investigating ties between campaign donations and state business. It appears that Peg had her hand stuck out also- she received a $5,000 donation the day before Doyle did.

Blanchard and Lautenschlager - who, like Doyle, are Democrats - have been involved in investigations into ties between campaign donations and state business. Campaign records show Lautenschlager received a $5,000 donation from Barbara Schiffrin of the same firm a day before Richard Schiffrin donated the $10,000 to Doyle.

It also appears that Boyce, campaign fund-raiser for Jim Doyle, might have attended the meeting at Mark Marotta's office(state office). This, of course, is against the law.

The calendar lists Boyce, by last name only, as a meeting attendee. She is not listed as an attendee for other meetings she arranged for Marotta. Instead, those entries include a notation that says "per K. Boyce."

A call to Boyce was returned by Kaye, the campaign spokesman. He could not explain why Boyce was listed as a participant if she was not supposed to be at the meeting.

So, is anyone else wondering how much of Jim Doyle's campaign donations are actually on the up and up?

Once again- Owen, from Boots and Sabers provided this tidbit of information.

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