Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Castro relinquishes power

Should be interesting to watch this play out. I wonder how many of the Hollywood elite will be rushing to Castro's sick bed?

Castro relinquishes power to brother


BBG said...

Does this mean a guy (or girl) can get a good cigar??

ok ok the real deal is what a great day (MAYBE) for the people of Cuba that want to be free.

Ó Seasnáin said...

it was said on FOX news last night that Castro's brother may turn cuba into some form of Democratic monarchy in a matter of years, given his tendencies.

jeff said...

The FOX report is a fantasy. There will be a power struggle, if not in front of the scenes, behind the scenes. Raul may rule for a few years if Fidel dies or is unable to exercise power, but he wont be the 'true' power. Like was discussed on one broadcast, Raul is Billy Carter to Fidel's Jimmy.