Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Green Team Phone Bank- Wed, 5-8:30pm

A message from Tom De Fazio, Green Team phone bank coordinator-

Our weekly phone bank will be this Wednesday night;
Your help is needed in this battle we fight!
At Republican HQ--41st Ave.and 60th Street, we are told;
Bring a jacket or sweater, in case you feel cold.
Please come when you can, 5 to 8:30;
You can come clean, or you can come dirty!
Our quota of calls goes up once again;
So now for each 8 calls, we need to make 10.
We've Luigi's pizza--that's our meal, so don't fuss;
And Marie's carrot cake for bunnies and us!
For each 100 calls in this next two-week stint covering;
Your name in the Reagan video drawing will be hovering.

1 comment:

BBG said...

That Tom is one hard worker and comes up with some very interesting ways to tell his story.