Friday, August 18, 2006

New Poll is out- Bucher is within striking distance of Peg and Kathleen

A new poll was just released. Both Bucher and Van Hollen have a ton of work to do on their name recognition. The winner of the primary race will get a boost and help close the gap on name recognition with either Falk or Lautenschlager.

That being said, Bucher is within stricking distance of both Falk or Lautenschlager. JB Van Hollen is not even close. JB may be able to change some of these numbers, but it will be difficult.

Lautenschlager vs Bucher

Lautenschlager 41%
Bucher 35%

Falk vs Bucher

Falk 43%
Bucher 36%

Lautenschlager vs Van Hollen

Lautenschlager 42%
Van Hollen 22%

Falk vs Van Hollen

Falk 45%
Van Hollen 21%

We are three weeks away from the primary and Bucher clearly has an advantage. However, neither of these men will help their cause, if we have another week like we had last week in the debate debacle.

Link to the poll results

H/T Boots and Sabers


Kate said...

Which bar were they freqenting when they ran that poll?

krshorewood said...

That's as high as it goes. The more people find out about Bucher is really not out for their interests, the less popular he will become.

Anonymous said...

No one knows the GOP candidates. Unless they get up on TV soon, neither one can beat the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Point of interest: The poll was conducted after the debate debacle...

BBG said...

I assume (old broad rambling) Kate is talking about the drunk'n votes for either Keg or catch and release Kate.
If not for those Paul would be a run away.