Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Voter Fraud

I guess this question is for the Democrats-

How in the world did this Democrat win 11% of the vote in a Democratic primary?

The man had been convicted of voter fraud- even if he won the election, he would not have been able to hold office.


In Wyoming, popular incumbent Gov. Dave Freudenthal handily defeated challenger Al Hamburg for the Democratic nomination. Freudenthal received 89 percent of the vote against Hamburg, a retired house painter whose 1989 conviction for election fraud would have prevented him from holding office even if he won.

So how in the world does this man receive 11% of the votes from Democrats in spite of this?

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This DJ said...

Because in every election primary or not, there are approximatly 11% of people who don't really give a rats behind and pick the guy who it would be funny to vote for?

How in a primary last year in one assembly seat in Wisconsin did someone who's a convicted sex offender get 24 percent of the republican vote?

Is it because those 24 percent liked that he was a rapist? Or is it that 11 percent in Montana all about voter fraud?

Odds are that 11 percent is uninformed and didn't know, as with that 24 percent.

There is no corrolation between parties and stupid people.