Thursday, August 17, 2006

Josh Schroeder: Baghdad Burmeister

More honesty from the Democrats?????

Well, not quite- check out Josh's blog for details

Josh Schroeder: Baghdad Burmeister

Here is a snip-

Two stories of note, but there is ABSOLUTELY no cause and relationship here whatsoever!

Story One: The Federal Department of Education released a report on Wisconsin's standing with the No Child Left Behind Act. According to this press release, 9 states satisfied the department's six criteria, 39 states partially satisfied the six criteria, and Wisconsin was one of four states to satisfy none of the requirements. The other states were Hawaii, Missouri, and Utah. (For those of you counting at home, Puerto Rico and D.C. count as states under NCLB.) If you want to see Wisconsin's report card, follow this link and check out the Reviewer Comments. Fox News carried this more detailed AP Story here, and Kevin gives it some good analysis here.

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