Sunday, August 13, 2006

Voter Fraud

It appears that Spivak and Bice have uncovered a case of voter fraud.

Probably the most stunning part of this story is that, Donovan Riley, the man accused of voting twice in the November 2000 general election, is actually a Democratic candidate for State Senate running in this year's election.

The complaint by All Children Matter, a proponent of private school vouchers, cites documents that suggest that Riley, a 69-year-old former CEO of the University of Illinois Hospital, voted twice in the 2000 general election, once in Chicago and then again in Oconomowoc. A well-heeled liberal Democrat, Riley is running a vigorous primary campaign against state Sen. Jeff Plale, a conservative Dem from South Milwaukee.

Even more pathetic is the fact that Mr. Riley is not exactly denying the charges.

"My best recollection is that I was splitting my time between Wisconsin and Illinois, and it's possible I made a mistake. If the Elections Board decides to look into this matter, I will gladly assist."

How is it possible to mistakenly vote twice on the same day? Voting once in Illinois and once in Wisconsin on the same day is not a mistake.

It is stunning to me how the Democrats continue to deny that there is a problem in Wisconsin with voter fraud.

I live in Kenosha, the closest city to Illinois. If this can happen in Oconomowoc, is it possible that there might be a problem in Kenosha also?

We cannot get a single person's attention long enough, to even look to see if their may be a problem in Kenosha. Every time someone tries to check and see if there is a problem, the Democrats scream "voter disenfranchisement".

Can you imagine what the Democrats would have said if anyone would have attempted to stop Mr. Riley from voting in Wisconsin that day? Technically, he was a resident of Wisconsin and Illinois and could legally vote in either state. What appears to have happened is Mr. Riley chose to vote in both states.

According to the Mr. Riley's campaign site he looks like a very respectable man:

According to his campaign Web site, Riley has over the years taught at Loyola University, practiced law for Michael Best & Friedrich's Chicago office and was the CEO of the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago and the associate chancellor of the University of Illinois Medical Center. His campaign manager, James Chiong, said he held all of these jobs at various times between 1988 and 2000.

Can you imagine what the Democrats would have said if anyone attempted to stop this so called high profile, respectable Democrat from voting in the state of Wisconsin on Nov. 7, 2006?

This incident is further proof that there is a problem in Wisconsin. Governor Doyle's continuous vetoes of any kind of voter ID in this state are further adding to the problems we have with voter fraud in Wisconsin.

We need real election reform in the state of Wisconsin.


This DJ said...

How would Voter ID have stopped something like this from happening?

It's abhorent that it happened, and he shoul get kicked off the ballot and punched in the lower abdominal region. But seriously, what election reform measures would have stopped this from happening.

None. Albeit SB 1 would allow the elections board to throw this chump behind bars and ruin his budding political career.

So please, if you would, explain to me what reform measures stop this? And how you can blame this on the democrats in the legislature for not passing election reform measures like Voter ID which DOES disenfranchise voters.

Kate said...

Yet the Dems say there is no fraud? Voter ID would "disinfranchise" voters? I wonder how many others have "forgotten" they voted.

xoff said...

Exactly how would a photo ID requirement have prevented this?

K. Carpenter said...

Who knows if photo ID would have stopped this fellow? Perhaps he would have thought twice after pulling out an Illinois driver's license when he was registering. Perhaps he already had a Wisconsin license by that time, I do not know.

What I do know is that we have extremely liberal voting laws here in Wisconsin and we can do absolutely nothing to stop voter fraud. In Illinois, a person must register to vote at least 28 days in advance of actually casting their ballots. We have same day registration. In Illinois, a person must present a photo ID (or a state ID, on last 4 digits of their social security number) to register. These are the same requirements passed by Congress in 2002 known as the Help America Vote Act. Illinois passed these laws in 2003. Wisconsin on the other hand is still struggling 4 years after the HAVA law passed in Congress. After Wisconsin elections officials dragged their heels for years, Wisconsin was forced into complying with the federal election laws a few weeks ago. After registering in Illinois, you will receive a Voter ID card.

Poke fun at Illinois all you want, they are at least attempting to stop voter fraud. Wisconsin, on the other hand, has done everything in their power not to stop voter fraud.

Simple little things like eliminating same day registration and photo ID would help slow down voter fraud. You people are actually making my point for me. How would it have stopped this guy? We do not know. The system is broken, and Jim Doyle is doing nothing to fix it.

This DJ said...

Kathy, how in the heck am I making your arguement for you? How does same day registration stop this? How does Voter ID stop this? He was splitting time between places and odds are was pre-registered to vote in both.

When I went to college, I was registered in my apartment in college and still registered at my parents house, which was my permanent place of residence.
I'm pretty sure I broke no laws in that, it was just whether it was more convienent to drive back to vote, or vote from my aparement. Maybe I'm a felon though, for being registered in two places when I basically lived in both.

But I digress... these measures you talk about, ending same day registration (disenfranchises youth who don't know the system) and voter ID (Disenfranchises elderly who may no longer have photo identification or are forgetful, and not to mention minorities) would have done NOTHING to stop this dude from voting in Illinois and Wisconsin if he was registered in both.

The system isn't nearly as broken as you talk about, and the Republican Leadership in the legislature won't pass meaningful ethics reform.

See, I can spin just like you