Thursday, August 03, 2006

Democrats prove they have no character and no principles

Democrats just proved to America that they want to protect their tax dollars more than they want to increase the minimum wage.

The Senate needed 60 votes to pass the bill, they only got 56-42.

There went the minimum wage increase, just to make sure they can continue to stick the Paris Hilton's of America and protect their taxes.


This DJ said...

Are you serious? No character and no principles.

What'd I say,Kathy, about not saying anything crazy? I said take a deep breath, and think about what you're saying.

I suppose you believe all taxes are bad, right?

Let's see how things get done.

K. Carpenter said...

"What'd I say,Kathy, about not saying anything crazy?"

Are you really so full of yourself DJ that you really believe that you are the blogger police?

No character, no principles is what I said and it is what I meant.

The Democrats are so worried about sticking Paris Hilton with an extra 7% of taxes in the year 2015, that they completely betrayed their principles and the people they say they represent in Washington.

Democrats failed every single farmer, small business owners, minimum wage worker and every single middle class citizen because of the tax greed.

Face facts DJ, Democrats have proven themselves to be greedy tax monsters.

This DJ said...

No, I don't believe I'm the blogger police, I believe that I am enticing crazy remarks from you.

Just stirring the pot.

K. Carpenter said...

Uh huh. Sure that is what you were doing DJ.

By the way, did or did not your boys vote against minimum wage in order to protect a few precious tax dollars?

jeff said...

The two of you sound silly. The truth is that for many on both sides of the aisle, the legislation was a cynical opportunity to give it to the other side.

It is chance for election year grandstanding.

Kathy, you did forget one important point to raise on the issue though. With all the Democratic complaining about Congress not previously voting to raise the federal minimum wage, you dont see any Democratic members of Congress refusing to take and returning the approximate $36,000 in pay raises Congress has enjoyed since the last time the federal minimum wage was raised. State Sen. Bob Wirch and I were discussing this point at breakfast this morning.

K. Carpenter said...

Great point Jeff!

This DJ said...

I agree with that point as well Jeff. Those guys continue to raise their wages, while american people suffer. I find that exaserbating and incredibly selfish.

It would be interesting to see the last roll call of that vote.

displaced ched head said...

Increasing the salary of our representatives would be good. Don't we all want the best representing us? With all the personal background checks and blog activity we need it more attractive to represent us the people.